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Alchemical Hypnotherapy - A Manual of Practical Techniques

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Often described as the definitive Alchemical text, the 95 page book (printed version) describes all the techniques and concepts basic to Alchemical Work. This is a textbook of many hypnosis trainings in schools throughout America, and is the perfect introduction for someone new to this kind of work.

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La Hipnoterapia Alquimica

La Hipnoterapia Alquimica - Un Manual De Las Tecnicas De Practicas

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NEW! Spanish Edition of Alchemical Hypnotherapy - A Manual of Practical Techniques. Often described as the definitive Alchemical text, the 95 page book (printed version) describes all the techniques and concepts basic to Alchemical Work. This is a textbook of many hypnosis trainings in schools throughout America, and is the perfect introduction for someone new to this kind of work.

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Hypnosis & Healing Addictions With
Addictive Personality Technique™ Hypnotherapy

by David Quigley

If you are struggling with a habit that you need to quit, Alchemical Hypnotherapy can provide you with an amazingly effective process to assist you in permanently freeing you from your addictive patterns. We know that many addictive patterns have a physiological element, which is best addressed by medical procedures, sound nutrition, and the support of a 12-step program. But psychological research has also indicated that much unhealthy, addictive behavior originates as a compensation for blockage in the meeting of normal healthy needs for love, approval, creative expression, etc. Addictive Personality Technique (APT) provides an excellent adjunct for the treatment of almost any habitual behavior, by addressing the core unmet needs which exist behind any addiction, and meeting those needs through direct action or guided fantasy. By automatically experiencing the deep pleasure of this alternative fantasy every time the addict craves their addictive behavior, s/he can easily let go of the addictive behavior and the lesser pleasure that it provides.

Marijuana Addiction Overcome with Alchemical Hypnotherapy

"Caitlin McLeod and her work with Essential Alchemy have been instrumental in my being able to overcome many years of addiction to marijuana. It was amazing to me that after one session I had no cravings or withdrawal symptoms! I had been a heavy user; it was an expensive habit, and it was gone after one session. This has been a remarkable process. I have recommended Caitlin's work to my friends. Thank you Caitlin, my well being has been tremendously enhanced!"

Nancy C.
Santa Cruz, CA

(Caitlin practices Alchemical Hypnotherapy in Santa Cruz, CA. She can be reached at 831-425-3328, or www.cybermesa.com/~spiritjrney.)

Usually a hypnotic trance is necessary in order to do APT, because the client's inner defenses generally preclude any conscious awareness of these unmet needs and their associated pain. Therefore a brief trance induction (5-10 minutes) is a requisite first step.

We instruct the client during the journey down into trance that "we are going to meet the  "smoker/overeater/gambler, etc. within you." The hypnotist must be careful once we have met this apparently unsavory figure to pace (establish rapport with) this character very carefully. Any sign of judgement or criticism from the therapist will close down the addictive personality and end the process. After rapport is firmly established, we ask the addictive personality (AP) to enjoy in fantasy it's desired behavior, experiencing and describing all of the sensual and emotional gratification it receives. Then the AP is asked to come up with any alternative behavior at all which might feel at least as good as the addictive behavior, which might create the same or comparable feelings in the body. Answers will vary but may include fantasies of emotional or sexual fulfillment, expressing anger or other emotions, being approved or honored, exercise, rest, etc...

The remaining steps in the process involve linking these new behaviors or fantasized behaviors to the desire for the addictive behavior.

Repetition of the process and the ample use of direct hypnotic suggestion and emotional clearing strategies greatly assist the integration of this process into the clients' daily life. I often prefer to prepare a custom-made hypnotic tape for my clients which can anchor these alternative fantasies or behaviors more easily and effortlessly into the client's daily life.

Louise had been struggling to quit smoking cigarettes for several years, with occasional success. What she wanted was a way to quit smoking that would be effortless rather than an act of deprivation and discipline. I told her that APT could offer such an opportunity.

After "smoking" in a trance state fantasy, her inner cigarette smoker revealed that smoking made her feel secure, warm, taken care of. I then asked her for something else that might feel just as good. After a lengthy pause and some deepening of trance she experienced herself as a child sitting in her father's lap and being comforted by him (in real life her father had left her family at an early age). In her inner fantasy, however, I gave her permission to experience the pure pleasure of being held, loved, and listened to by the father she always wanted. Then I suggested that whenever she felt a craving for a cigarette, she could choose instead to enjoy a delightful fantasy in her body of being held and cared for by her much-needed father.

Her report after only one session on this technique alone, was this:

"Experiencing the love and nurturing of my inner family and rescuing my inner child has given me the source of joy and security which makes cigarettes obsolete in my life. Now I see that they will never fill my need or protect me in the special way that my inner resources can do for me. So it's easy and effortless now to be free of tobacco."

I personally recommend that Addictive Personality Technique be experienced in conjunction with other forms of direct suggestion and interactive process from a trained hypnotherapist. I also encourage those
whose addiction has a strong physical/emotional component (alcohol, narcotics, etc.) to use this process only as a follow up to appropriate medical treatment, counseling, an applicable detoxification program, and a twelve-step support group. Addressing your basic needs for love, nurturing, etc. can only be successful if we are not at the same time wrestling with the overwhelming physical "need" for a substance that is created by long-term abuse.

Good luck, and enjoy your healing process! For an Alchemically trained hypnotherapist in your area, call our office.