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The Courses Offered By The Alchemy Institute Produce Results!

Here is just some of what you'll learn in 150 hours:

Days 1-2 Basics of Hypnotherapy 101

  • Multiple techniques of trance induction
  • Little-known secrets of telepathic rapport
  • 3 critical techniques to help clients awaken safely and quickly, and go deeper the next time you work
  • Rapid goal-setting and rapport-building to enroll clients
  • How to build mental expectation to ensure positive outcome
  • Structure irresistible suggestions with our unique system of dream-weaving"

    Days 3-6 Emotional Clearing Therapy 201

  • Why you cannot get permanent results with most clients without addressing childhood issues
  • The secrets of how to really heal childhood pain and clear traumatic memories from the cells of the body
  • How to help clients find new love from an "inner family"
  • The power of the inner mate to Magnetize love and romantic fulfillment into your clients' lives
  • Six little-known secrets to assist clients who can't (or won't) go into trance
  • A revolutionary new method for handling transference (hostile or seductive clients)
  • Twelve strategies for helping clients create instant break-throughs even when they can't visualize or remember
  • Ten unique techniques to help unlock grief, rage,and other feelings to accelerate your clients healing
  • Rapid techniques to clear shame and guilt
  • Heal sexual abuse trauma in a fraction of the time required by most other therapies

    Day 7 Inner Guide Work 301

  • Why every client needs Inner Guidance more than they need a therapist
  • Help clients tap into this guidance easily-even if they are skeptical or cannot visualize
  • Fifteen archetypal resources, with instruction as to when and how to use them for a variety of issues
  • How to test guides for truth and effectiveness
  • Help clients learn to access these resources daily

    Days 8 & 9 Past Life Regression 301

  • Why 50% of clients go to past lives to resolve their issues, whether they believe in them or not
  • Why most past life work achieves minimal results
  • Unique Advanced past life techniques to clear phobias, contact creativity, transform relationships, and much more

    Days 10-12 Conference Room 303

  • How to "map" your clients presenting problem as a matrix of conflicting inner voices
  • Unique methods of enrolling these inner parts in achieving the client's goal
  • Help clients achieve peak performance by eliminating self-judgment, laziness, and sabotage behaviors

    Days 13-15 Addictions, Phobias, & Weight Loss 304

  • Why most approaches to addiction will not stop us from pursuing addictive behaviors
  • Unique Addictive Personality Technique that goes tothe core of any addictive behavior, and eliminates the craving at its source
  • Help your clients give up addictions effortlessly
  • A powerful technique to end self-sabotage and self-hatred
  • The Unique "Forever Free" Stop-Smoking Program (developed by one of America's top smoking cessation specialists) to help clients quit smoking in one session
  • Help clients lose weight and keep it off without dieting or will-power
  • Why some clients have cellular programming to be fat and how to reverse this program
  • A unique phobia cure that works in one session
  • Learn the eight secrets Alchemists use to eliminate the source of illness in the subconscious mind (in conjunction with medical treatment)

    Days 16-18 Building a Practice 305

  • What every psychotherapist knows (but most hypnotherapists don't) about client relationships, safety, ethical and legal issues
  • Proven techniques to help you market your practice
  • How to advertise, network, and "close" in person and on the phone

    Our advanced 200-hour program is unique among hypnosis courses.We offer a broad range of electives, ranging from dream work to pain control to group therapy. You can design your own advanced training!  See our website for more detailed course descriptions.

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    Costs of Training

    Course Fees: We recognize every student has unique needs and financial situations. In order to honor your individual situation, we have designed several levels of certification and payment options.  A $300.00 non-refundable deposit holds your place. (Included in fees below)

    PERSONAL GROWTH PACKAGE: is offered for students not wanting professional certification, but who would like a profound 12 days of personal growth.

    Tuition: $1,800.00 includes registration and books.

    ALCHEMICAL HYPNOTHERAPY PACKAGE FORPROFESSIONAL HYPNOTISTS:  is offered to hypnotists who can document at least 100 hours hypnosis training through a state approved school.  This package includes courses 101, 201, 301 ,303.  These classes are guaranteed to teach information not taught at any other hypnosis school.

    Tuition: $1,400.00 includes registration and books ($400 savings over other tuition.)

    MASTER HYPNOTIST: is 150 hours of extensive training. You will receive certification recognized by the NGH, a governing body of the hypnotherapy field.

    Tuition: $2,700.00 includes registration and books.

    PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTHERAPIST: is a complete 200 hours training including 3 specialty areas of work.

    Tuition: $3,600.00 includes registration and books. 

    Certification Level
    Professional Hypnotherapist (200 hrs/30 days)
    Master Hypnotist (150 hrs/22 days)
    Achemical pkg. for documented hypnotist (100 hrs/14 days)
    Personal Growth Training (100 hrs/14 days)
    One Week of Training (50 hrs/6 days)
    Per Day
    Tuition $3,600.00 $2,700.00 $1,400.00 $1,800.00 $900.00 $150.00
    Tuition w/Early Pay Discount $3,240.00 $2,430.00 $1,260.00 $1,620.00 $810.00 N/A
    • Tuition does not include food or lodging costs.  Call for a list of available accommodations.
    • Students are also required to receive at least two professional hypnotherapy sessions during the training in order to assist you in clearing up any issues that may be brought up by the class.  These session costs vary from $75.00 to $150.00.
    • Various trainers and assistants hold optional practicums.  These classes are not part of the regularly scheduled classes, nor are they required for graduation but are provided for you to add to your existing skills, at a very nominal fee of $20.00 per class payable to the instructor at time of class.

    Special early enrollment bonus value $580.00
    If you're among the first 5 students paid in full for our next training, you'll
    receive all of the following special benefits free of charge!

    5 Alchemy Journey CDs $80.00
    2 hours of free clinical supervision with David Quigley, founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy $400.00
    Lifetime membership in the Alchemy Institute marketing program $100.00
    Total value to you $580.00

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    Suppose I Don't Need A New Career- How Can I Take Advantage of This Process For My Own Transformation?

    The first twelve days (classes 101, 201, 301, and 303) of our training program is our personal growth training.  You can join hundreds of others who have experienced the transformation of a lifetime, You'll learn to:

    • Experience the pleasures of self-hypnosis and guided relaxation in an intimate circle of new friends.
    • Create powerful hypnotic scripts to change your life.
    • Heal childhood trauma under the direct supervision of a trained professional hypnotherapist.
    • Find a loving family in your inner world to fill you with joy and magnetize love into your life.
    • Tune into your higher self and other internal resources and learn to connect with these resources every day.
    • Experience past life regression to heal phobias, explore creative abilities, heal relationships, and discover spiritual purpose. 
    • Organize the various voices is in your inner world to unite your will and achieve your goals.
    • You'll have one trained hypnotherapist for every three students in the program guaranteeing you individual attention on a daily basis. 

    Listen to these stories of people whose lives have been transformed by this training-

    A Path to Physical Healing

    Going through the two week personal growth training was an amazing experience for me.  At first the class was physically very challenging for me as I suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, environmental sensitivities, and CMV ( mono -like symptoms).  For the first few days, I had to lie on the floor during some of the lectures because of pain and fatigue, and othertimes I sat with a blanket wrapped around me feeling like I had the flu.  I thought I was going to have to go home.  However, by the fourth day while applying the techniques we were learning, I received a powerful session in class from one of the students. After the session I immediately felt a dramatic change in my health and energy at a cellular level.  I knew my life would never be the same again because the work I had just done.  Throughout the two week training I had many powerful sessions that allowed me to not only stay for the whole training, but to excel in the class.  Instead of lying on the floor, I was dancing on the floor.  My pain, fatigue, and other symptoms were lifted by 75percent!  By the end of the training I left with the ability to do this work on myself as my own therapist/ healer on a daily basis.  What a gift of empowerment!  I know I have only scratched the surface of what Alchemical Hypnotherapy can do for me, and it has inspired me to continue this work with an Alchemist in my area to find my ultimate healthpotential, as well as continue my training to become a Certified Alchemistmyself.  Many thanks to the assistants,staff, other students, and especially David Quigley for showing me what is possiblethrough this work and how my inner world and outer world can change in aninstant and can continue to improve with every passing day.

    Susie Jargo, Sherman Oaks, CA 
    (818) 386-2156

    Mending the Broken Heart

    I have spent a life timecreating relationships with people who were not able to return kindness, love,and caring. The result was a painful, frustrating wasting away of my own heart through starvation.

    During my training as a Hypnotherapist, an Alchemical journey restored my power to make healthy choices. This transformative process allowed me to discover and change the old programming that kept me locked in a hopeless pattern,trying to squeeze the blood of kindness and caring out of "turnips." Now in their place I am drawing into my life people who are alive and warm, and have hearts full of love and generosity of spirit. I have also experienced a blossoming of creative energy, and am astounded by how much of that energy was drained off by that old pattern. Now I am joyfully pursuing my dreams.

    Alexa Simpson, Benecia, CA

    FindingA Soul Mate

    I attended a two-week intensive that was wonderful in all aspects. I met new friends, gained new insights and developed lots of additional skills.

    Since that time, I have gotten married to a wonderful man, thanks to theAlchemy process and am assisting with the Alchemical training taking place inSanta Fe, New Mexico. My private practice is now a reality and I love it! I love the way Alchemy empowers my clients to heal themselves!

    Shawn Huttleston-Levine
    Looking Glass Hypnotherapy Services, Albuquerque, NM

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    Sample the power of Alchemy at an Empowerment Intensive

    Most people only experience a fraction of the fulfillment they dream of. Hidden in the subconscious mind and the cells of the body are limiting corebeliefs.  At an Empowerment Intensive youcan clear away those limiting core beliefs in a fraction of the time and expenseof traditional therapy. How?  First, we use hypnosis andbodywork techniques to help you access the source of these core beliefs. Then youwill experience a powerful group process to transform these beliefs in yourbody. We'll use modern methods of Gestalt, regression, psychodrama andmovement with ancient shamanic techniques to achieve total body access to the healingpower of your Higher Self.



  • A Soul Mate

    " I was able to end a life-long pattern of unrequited longing for romanticlove and commitment in a powerful ceremony of past-life work.  Within the year, I met mypresent partner and have enjoyed for four years the wonderful, the intimatepartnership for the first time in my life."

    Patricia Sorensen, RN

    Redwood City, CA


    A Family Reunited

    "My daughter and I areso much closer now, thanks to doing the Empowerment Intensive together.  It allowed me to support her inthe way I have always dreamed of doing. It freed her of the "need" to take care of me which has haunted ourentire relationship and created a distance between us that is now gone. Ican't wait for my son to join our new Empowerment Family."

    Gaynol Wapotick
    Boulder, CO


    A Renewed Marriage

    " I have a wide background in many traditions of group therapy.  This intensive is the mostpiercing, cleansing, and spiritually healing group I'd ever experienced.  It has handed me the keys to mypowers of spiritual leadership and healing. It has fanned the flames of passion and compassion in my marriage,especially when my husband and I entered the cauldron of transformationtogether.  We now live in a permanentstate of loving others at a new level of spiritual awareness."

    Brigitta Franziska D'Amato
    Philo, CA


    Take Your LifeBack

    "I used to leteveryone else create my future except me. Now my life belongs to me!  I canset a goal and accomplish it.  For thefirst time in my life I am finally a grown up at age 45, and it happened in one weekend.  Thank you David."




    Expand YourHorizons

     "The Empowerment Intensive was one of the mostpowerful self healing experiences of my live.  I've always had an aversion to children.  I cleared it in three days. The very next day I began having direct contact withchildren.  I felt a new tenderness anddeep love for them.  I can now give thelove I've been holding back." 




    What Do ProfessionalsSay?

    "This is a crashcourse in healing of body/mind split. I am a totally different person than the one who showed up at this courseeight months ago.  Now emotionemerges so easily, so physically from my body.  I can't separate my head for my body anymore.  If I can experience this integration, anyone can! 

    Karen Mindt-Howell,MFT

    Santa Rosa,CA



    in this issue we'll demonstrate to you -

    It isn't how many techniques you learn.Or how world-famous your instructors are.

    Only three things count

    • getting clients into your office with cash in hand.
    • helping these clients solve their problems quickly and efficiently.
    • enjoying fun and fulfilling work that addresses your client's mind, body, and spirit.

      Our training is designed to do all of these things - AND MORE you go through the transformation of Alchemy, so you will be the living proof that Alchemy works!
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